diumenge, 30 de novembre de 2008


Mikan presents..
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dissabte, 29 de novembre de 2008

Reflecting on my oral presentation

1. How did you feel before, while and after you presented?
Before I presented I was very, very nervous because we couldn’t organize us as well as we wanted and we couldn’t meet to do the project. I read my text a few times to memorize it even better, but I didn’t succeed. While I presented I forgot nearly all the text I wrote, so I had to read a lot. I think I did the introduction quite good, but then Aleix said something that I had wrote for my part and I didn’t know what to say then. Even more nervous I didn’t remember anything. After I presented I felt worried because I thought I didn’t do it very well, but I was also relieved because it was done.

2. Describe your presentation in 30 words.
The presentation went worse than I expected. I moved a lot because I was nervous and Pep really bothered me hiding behind me. I hate the moment I got stuck, it really annoyed me!

3. Watch 2 of your friends' presentations and

- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of their presentations
Melissa and Douaa:
I think they organised well and that they spoke more or less the same. They also had a Powerpoint. But I think they also read too much, they get stuck a few times and I think that the text bubbles shouldn’t be above the image, so people can see it better.
Victor, Alex and Adrià:
Adrià began very good, but then he started reading a lot. He talked loud and clear and it’s easy to understand him. Victors kept looking at the camera :) It made me laugh a bit. Alex talked too low, it’s difficult to understand anything. They have their parts well organised and they made a Powerpoint, but there’s too much text there. They should have put only some keywords.

- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of your presentation.
I think I spelled mostly everything correctly, but maybe I spoke too fast. I think it wasn’t very positive that Pep always hided behind me and it irritated me, too. I think we spoke loud enough so everybody could hear us. Aleix did a good description, but I think he said things that were of my part, the historical background.

4. What ideas can you apply to your next presentation? How can you improve it?
I must learn to not get too annoyed in front of the class and to not forget everything because of nervousness. I think I have to speak a little slower so everyone can understand me. Maybe I make a Powerpoint next time.

5. What mark do you deserve?
I think I deserve a mark like a 6, because I got stuck and I read a lot, but I tried to spell everything correctly.


My symbol

I think this image represents me quite good, because blue is a calm, cool colour. It's the colour of inspiration and sincerity, and I think I'm a quite honest person. I'm a calm and peaceful person, too. Dark blue is the colour of truth and moderation, and I think these are qualities that symbolize me. Blues is the colour of water, the ocean.. and I love water and the ocean. This colour gives a little of distant feeling, and sometimes I'm like this: cool and distant to other people.

divendres, 14 de novembre de 2008

The podcast - A past history

"I was sitting in front of the television late one evening when I fell asleep and I had a strange dream.."

Now, the history is on the blog: you can listen to it with the player on the right. I hope you like our history of a kind person that only wanted to help a woman.. ;)


dijous, 13 de novembre de 2008

The BENETTON Project

I really don't like oral presentations.. Here is the video of the presentation I did with Aleix and Pep. I don't think I did it very well.. but see by yourselfes:

dilluns, 10 de novembre de 2008

Kingdom Hearts - Total Eclipse of the Heart

This is a video I really really love.. I hope you enjoy it! =)
Hey, I'm Nicole ;)
So, in this blog I will put oral presentations and many other things done during fourth of ESO in IES Castelló d'Empúries. :)
I hope you enjoy them!